Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it BFAD and Halal Approved?
Yes, all products are FDA Registered with FR numbers. NWorld’s manufacturing partners are GMP Certified and ISO Certified, ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. Also, it is Halal Approved for our Muslim brothers and sisters.

2. If i register as a reseller or retailer, Am I considered as a Distributor already?
Not yet. When you register as a retailer, you are entitled of 10% discount only with free accident insurance not with the full benefits and privileges of an Independent Distributor of NWorld.

3. What are the benefits and privileges of an Independent Distributor?
Once you register as an Independent Distributor, you are now entitled of 25% off on all products and 20% off on packages lifetime, with free accident insurance, free trainings, id, brochures, marketing materials, and you will have your own username and password to track your purchases and income.

4. How can I be an Independent Distributor?
Only need to do is to buy a package worth P16,500, includes retailer, for only P14,900. You can CHOOSE YOUR OWN PACKAGE atleast 5 kinds/variety of nlighten and nhance products to complete your package.

5. Can I avail Nbody And Nchant product lines on packages?
No. Nbody and Nchant product lines available only after you become an Independent Distributor.

6. What are the composition of your products?
All products are highly formulated, mostly plant based botanicals. It is safe and effective and has instant effect result.

7. If I am pregnant, is it safe to use the products?
All products are mostly plant based botanicals, natural products. We do not use chemicals. Better to ask your OB-Gyne and give the ingredients of the products for each OB-Gyne has different practices.

8. Once I register as a wholesaler under nworldproductsonline­ph.com, How can I assure that I am officially registered?
Good news that we are one of the Division Head of our company, we strictly follow company rules. It is an edge on your part that we will surely process your packages, encode your accounts and provide you your username and password to access NWorld’s facility. And you will always get first hand information from us.