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Hello! This is AJ & Sharlien Liao. We are a Filipino-Chinese couple who, just like most of you, were taught to do and think business in traditional way. However, every family business faces its own unique challenges. Some struggle with treacherous in-laws, others find it hard to convince close-minded founders. But one challenge is common to all: How does a family business innovate?Traditional businesses would require you to invest a whole lot of money just to get your business up on the market. You would have to look for employees to manage your business to get it up and running. Paper works, payrolls, progression and tracking of the business process, clients to look after and the list goes on with extra long hours of work, and the returns may take a while to achieve and be seen.

So you still want a business? There is always a better way. Nowadays, it is not as painful to start a business, and once it’s done, prospecting is much simpler than most people would imagine.

9 years ago, we looked for a better way to build our future, something that has all the benefits of owning a traditional business, without all the headaches. We got into a profession that gave us a chance to meet many amazing people, where everyone in the company has the very same opportunity and it’s what you do with the opportunity that determines your success. We were enlightened that it’s not only the people at the top that can get paid well. We got into an industry with amazing life changing opportunities. In our organization, we can live what we’ve always wanted to be. We’ve had the opportunity to earn 6-digit income and was able provide ourselves a dream wedding, a condo unit spacious enough for our two kids and us, and cars that took us to places that we could only dream of before. With our work, we have full control of our time and thus giving our kids the quality time they deserve.

You’re going to work somewhere, somehow for the next 30-40 years anyway, so why not learn how to work smarter instead of harder? With us, what we earn in a few years is more than what most people can earn in 40 years. If you look back on the last 5 years of your life, are you at a position today where you thought you would be? If not, and you don’t change anything you’re doing right now, where will you be at five years from now? So, I guess your next step is to decide.

For those who is looking to find opportunity in business, Ngage with us, Team Allegiance – Genesys, we’ll help you fulfill your dreams and goals.

AJ & Sharlien


How to Join NWORLD

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